Fun and entertainment

Here is a selection of addresses that might interest you while holidaying at Croas Men Farm, whether on a family or romantic break.

See you soon!

Ridding stable of Langonaval  : 500 m away from the campsite : Horse ride

Plouigneau swimming pool : pool leisure facilities (large swimming pool, water slide, sauna, hammam).
Plourin les Morlaix swimming pool : pool leisure facilities (large swimming pool, children’s pool, paddling pool, slide, sauna, hammam).

Snorkelling and scuba diving: Plougasnou Diving School

The Greenway (Voie Verte) across country

How to find the Greenway

The Greenway is accessible:

  • In Morlaix, rue de Bréhat (near the former Ursulines convent)
  • urther south at Plougonven, from the Pont noir outside Morlaix, the railway station at Coatélan and at Kermeur. It continues on to Carhaix, then Rosporden.

A fer et à flots: tour of the Bay of Morlaix by train and boat

Océanoplis: Brest’s huge aquarium: 4 exhibition buildings (tropical, polar, temperate, biodiversity). An immersive experience for the whole family, in Brest.

Armoripark : open-air amusement and leisure park (swimming pool, summer sledge, 6-lane Astro Slide, mini-golf, etc.) at Bégard.

La récré des 3 curés: amusement park at Milizac near Brest.

Village gaulois: theme park for all ages inside the Parc du Radôme, in the Discovery section. At Pleumeur-Bodou.

Centre de découverte du son: an opportunity to explore and play with sound in a special sonic environment in a wooded valley

Ecopark Adventures: treetop adventure park at Penzé

Musée du Loup: an in-depth exploration of the life of wolves: tales and legends, the animal’s biology and way of life… at the Cloitre Saint Thegonnec.

Village breton at Plouigneau: a century of rural life in Trégor

More information available from the Maison du tourisme de Morlaix, Finistère Tourisme or Région Bretagne.